The Mac Attack

Neka Mac sleeping 2013 0413

Neka and Mac (8 weeks) sleeping

It is amazing how quickly one week of too-busy-to-write turned into two, then two months, and then I’m off the rails!  And it was at the two-month that I actually started writing this post, now three!  But here I am finally back, and little bunny, I am hoping that you will soon be, too.

I blame it on the dogs.  Luna the foster dog made me think more about my dogs (as if I wasn’t already doing that), and I realized how much fun I was having with my golden.  From there, in typical idea-decision mode, I have a new puppy.

Which means now that life has been a little upside down since that I got into the whirlwind of puppydom.  I forgot that having a puppy is like having a baby, except that time goes in warp speed.  In 10 days I took out the “life stages” barrier in his crate, because he is growing all stages at once.  Different than having children, which in retrospect I feel more as an extended, slow motion experience that suddenly and abruptly finished.  And also different in that the dog doesn’t ever have to leave, for which I’m grateful.  Not to misinterpret – I’m happy for my daughters having grown so well and becoming independent.  But it is hard not to miss the daily spontaneity and tactile affection of the time they were here.

Now I have spontaneity in abundance.  The innocence of young life, amidst the frequent tragic news in the outside world, is uplifting.  It is life affirming.

A month ago I thought: How is it that a 9 week old dog can be so certain of exactly what he wants? Few people are as definite as he is at any stage of life. Perhaps this bearded collie is smarter than me!

Now at 14 weeks: His rogue-ish “Wow!” exploration of all that is new – it is partly that he never has met bad things (the innocence) but also that he just doesn’t see danger lurking everywhere (the optimism) – it is what I love best about this.

Mac 2013 0518

Mac the Bearded Collie, at 13 weeks

This morning, at 14 weeks, we managed to get a long walk in to a favorite park (not his, but Neka’s).  His need to get out first in the interests of housetraining is rewarding.  How it went:

  • Oh!  Maple fruit! Let me see how many of those I can shovel up!
  • City drain pipe hole!  What a great smell!
  • Stick!  Wow!  Let’s carry for a while!
  • Run run run – no need for a reason!
  • Stop!  There’s some new wood mulch to explore!
  • Someone has planted some new delicious spring flowers through that fence!
  • Stair step!  Up and down! Up and down!
  • Water dripping from drainpipe!  What a great new sound!
  • Mommy wants me to sit at corner!  New salmon treat, wow!
  • I am getting treats every time I am at her leg- how cool is that!
  • Barking from a big dog!  Yikes, let’s move on fast!
  • I hate motorcycles!  Oh, I get another treat for not freaking out!
  • Run some more!  Bite off some shrub leaves on the way!
  • Oh, there’s the guy at the corner by Starbucks who pets me!  Let’s go!
  • Here’s the dog store!  Run to door!
  • Another drain pipe!  Yay!
  • Pee spot on the corner, sniff sniff!  Oh, ahead there is a dog – let’s wag and go!
  • A faucet knob!  It sticks out for me to chew!
  • Plastic bag to attack!  Yay!
  • Tree fruit all over this patch of sidewalk, push it with my nose!  Yazowa! Achoo!

The walk is a little reminder of how much there is to see in life, if we are in exploration mode.

Years ago I walked down a street with my two year old Abby, who stopped every two feet and named every tree: Mommy, Daddy, Baby.  Exploring, smelling, tasting, classifying – how every journey starts and should continue!


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