Merry Christmas, Little Bunny

You are far away this Christmas, little bunny, but we are thinking of you.  I hope these pictures of home at Christmas will transport you here for a little bit and put you in our Christmas day!   Happy travels to your favorite Asian places!

These are some of little bunny's ornaments.  Since we didn't have a tree this year, I have collected most of them together for you.

These are some of little bunny’s ornaments. I have hung most of them together on the fireplace so that they can stand watch for you.

This year we added a wreath to the door, which is lovely.  I thought you might like the lights and my new little growing house garden!  Along with two new amaryllis, there is a little potted herb garden that I hope gets enough light from our east-facing city window!

Door and wreath L1000041

And here is David’s Christmas cactus.  Christmas cactus for blog_IMG_0957

Neka is investigating whether any of the presents are for her.  This year all of ours went into the new Green bags I made.

Presents 2012_L1000038

I have found a way to incorporate a beautiful weaving – ah, textile love.

Table and flowers 2012 12_L1000040

I have been enjoying spending an extended weekend of  free time playing with the dog.

Terry and Neka 2012 12_L1000003

Santa came and filled Katy’s stocking but she is still in bed  ~

Katy stocking_L1000054

The stollen is ready to go into the oven!

Stollen_ IMG_0961

And Neka is wondering:  where is the little bunny!

Neka L1000011

Merry Christmas, little bunny!

Ornaments and Presents L1000042


One response to “Merry Christmas, Little Bunny

  1. Thank you! A nice taste of home. The fireplace looks lovely as a tree replacement…Does this mean the envelopes have finally come down?

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