the generation of runaway bunnies.

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Two “emerging adults” exploring.

I came across this really interesting New York Times article about a sociological debate over the acceptance of “Emerging Adults” as a life stage, which you can read for yourself here:

What Is It About 20-Somethings?

As a 20-Something, I found it very relevant and a lot of the descriptions of 20-Somethings resonated with me. It also mentions the Peace Corps, as a “program for the elite,” as a possibile venue for expansion in order to give more 20-Something a chance for temporary service and self-examination. I think Peace Corps was a huge opportunity for my own self-examination and emergence as an adult–or oftentimes recession into childhood, as has been my subsequent experience with a paying job and living independently of my parents in Korea. I would say that the period between the ages of 18-25 have been an incredible time of development and self-reflection and understanding in my own life. I would also say that I can see vast changes in the stages of life from my grandparents’ generation to my parents’ generation to my own generation.

Read the article, and share your thoughts!

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From my experience in Peace Corps, I can see how travel can be both a great way for people in their 20s to gain world experience and learn a lot about different cultures and ways of life, but also can be used (and often is by those right out of high school or college) as an escape from responsibility and an opportunity to take advantage of developing countries as a playground for partying.

~the little bunny


One response to “the generation of runaway bunnies.

  1. little bunny, as always you are reflective and see all perspectives. It is an important feature of your own journey that in your explorations and earth-wandering, you have done it in financial independence, through a combined strategy of exceptional frugality, focus on real life values, and minimalism. Hard to see that as childish! This mother bunny is so happy for you to be taking the time to figure out your path, and it is a gift to watch you develop into an outstanding and generous person through this process.

    “If you go flying on a flying trapeze,” little bunny, “I will be a tightrope walker and I will walk across the air to you.”

    Which is to say that although sometimes I am holding my breath, little bunny, while observing your journey, I am always glad that you are on it. In a way, I’m on it, too.

    ~ mother bunny

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